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Karibu Amboseli National Park

Amboseli national park the magical land of Kenya  lies in the North West direction of Mount Kilimanjaro on the border of Kenya and Tanzania, this park stretches over the area of 392 square kilometers which is dominated by acacia woodland, rocky thorny bush, swamps marshland and a Pleistocene lake. Amboseli national park is a home to a large concentration of wildlife estimated to be 80 different species including African elephant, African buffalo, impalas, lion, zebra, and wildebeest among other African animals, among the animals the park is more famous for habiting a large population of elephants. The Park hosts birds species  estimated to be 400 which include African swamp hen, Common redshank, Dickinson’s kestrel, Eurasian thick-knee, Greater flamingo, Hartlaub’s bustard, Lesser flamingo, Long-toed lapwing, Pangani longclaw, Rufous chatterer, Rufous-bellied heron, Spike-heeled lark, Steel-blue whydah, Taveta golden weaver, Von der Decken’s hornbill, Yellow-necked spurfowl and many more.



Amboseli National Park consists of a great scenery is created by the backdrop of mountain Kilimanjaro, the park has consist of many spots where animals and attractions in park can be spotted and they include observation hill where you can spot many animals.

Amboseli park was officially declared a national park stretching over an area of 392 square kilometers in 1974 but that the park has a history dating back to the times before the coming of the British colonial rulers

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Attractions in Amboseli National park

Get acquainted  with  some of the remarkable attractions  or simply alures that make amboseli national park such and incredible   travel deatination. Amboseli  national park is such  athrill interms of what of what to see and what do hence deeming it one of kenyas top place to visit. see below in detail some of the deatils of  the scenic amboseli national park attractions 


Amboseli national park is a prominent home for wildlife, the park is more recognized for being a home to the largest population of elephants that is why it referred to as the home for elephants and it is the place to see them in Kenya in large numbers. Wildlife in Amboseli national park is concentrated in five specific areas/ habitants that is dried up bed of Lake Amboseli, Sulphur spring wetlands, savannah vegetation cover, open plains and woodlands, wildlife hosted in the park include giraffe, spotted hyena, zebra, buffalo, blue wildebeest, cheetah, elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, Thomson’s gazelle, impala, lion, cape buffalo and many more.

These numerous wildlife species offer spectacular game drive and the best time to enjoy the game drive and see animals in during dry season, dry season happens in the period of June to October. The most fascinating part of visiting the park in dry season for animal viewing is that when large herds of animals are crossing the sandy plains they kick up a lot of dust thus offering a great opportunity for photography. Animals in the park are perfectly viewed from the observation hill and at sinet delta.

Bird Life

Amboseli national park hosts a good population of birds estimated to be more than 420 species, the park habits three categories of birds that is water birds which thrive in the swampy region of the park, grassland birds living in savannah plains and forest birds living in acacia vegetation. Bird species in the Amboseli national park include African jacana, goliath heron, African swamp hen, Hartlaub’s bustard, rufous chatterer, common redshank, Dickinson’s kestrel, Eurasian thick-knee, greater flamingo, Hartlaub’s bustard, lesser flamingo, long-toed lapwing, Pangani longclaw, rufous chatterer, rufous-bellied heron, spike-heeled lark, steel-blue whydah, Taveta golden weaver, von der Decken’s hornbill, yellow-necked spurfowl and many more.

Lake Amboseli

Lake Amboseli is a temporary lake found in northwest region from the delta and occupying the largest portion of the park, Lake Amboseli is usually dry most especially in dry season but in wet season period the lake is filled up and at times floods. Lake Amboseli being dry is attributed more to Nyiri desert that stretches along southern border of Kenya to Tanzania, the lake is basin is a habitant to many animal species like elephants more so in dry season when it is dried up. Lake Amboseli is also used as a camping site by adventurous tourists who love camping while in Amboseli national park.

Clear Views of mountain Kilimanjaro

Amboseli national park is one of the most scenic national park in Kenya, the park is clowned by Mount Kilimanjaro the highest peak in Africa. While in Amboseli national park you get to enjoy clear views of snowcapped Kilimanjaro peaks which offer the best photography opportunity because of the scenic view.

The Masasi Culture

The out skirts of Amboseli park are dominated by the fascinating Masai people, when in Amboseli national park visiting the Masai village is very much unavoidable as it offers the authentic African culture. In the Masai village you get to encounter Masai cultural traditions which include Masai dances, traditional song, and their unique way of addressing which is similar to the Karamojong of Uganda, local food dishes and also you can buy Masai artifacts. There is also an annual 7 day Masai gala organized in Loitoktok were most the culture, norms and traditional practices of the Masai people are showcased and masai annual Olympics which take place in kimana.

Amboseli  National park Further more remains  one Kenya’s best most kept secret, the  ambiance alone is beguiling . The park exhibits uniqueness  which brings travelers  who have visited on Amboseli  on safari with unheard off experiencesof. The uniqueness of this park is derived from the views of the  Kilimanjaro mountain which by no means qualifies to be africas watch tower, in other words retains its unchaging position as africa’s tallest mountain, amboseli also derives its spectable from the topogprapy, vegetation , climate , as well as its constituents  the wildlife that are the major attractions to amboseli national park .  The views of snow caped mount kilimanjaro also top up the  experience.

Game drives in Amboseli national park  cultivate another form of satifaction . The parks  availablity of five distinct environnmets  that range from the wetlwands/ swamps to Savanna and woodlands   has supported the thriving of everal wildlife species to metion large herds of elephants , cape buffaloes , lions,impalas, hyenas , zebras, wildbeests, cheetahs, giraffes  among several other unmetioned mamals that can be refered as suprises in your game drives, the climate also supports  several scores of bird species   upto the tune of 600 species. fractions can be sighted in the  game drive.

Amboseli National Park Frequently Asked Questions

Amboseli national park happens to be one Kenya’s top  and most visited national park, the park  famous for  the impressive sceneries  with the most notable one being the view  Mount Kilimanjaro Africa’s tallest mountain dotted with snow, other views are derived from the several unique vegetation such as savanna, swampy , woodland etc  topped with the amazing topography.  the presence of the varied vegetation and  has  from time to time been a huge support to the animal population that has thrived in Amboseli national park for as long as the park has been existing.

amboseli national park

Amboseli national park in situated in the southern Part of Kenya Kajiado county, Kajiado south constituency, 215km  and 4  hours from Nairobi Kenya’s capital.  The park occupies an area of 392.06 km.  The park is home to several wildlife and birds species, hence making it such an amazing attraction. Some of the most notable wildlife species include Elephants such a huge highlight, lions, giraffes, buffaloes, cheetahs, leopards, Thomson gazelles among others.

Amboseli national park best time to visit varies on  a few underlying factors , during the dry season , several wildlife  gather  around the water holes in order to tap into the lightly scarce water during the dry season , But as the rain seasons come through, they start dispersing because of  the numerous water access points.  We will delve into information that could potentially affect your decision making when you plan on traveling  to Amboseli national park together with the activities  one intends to conduct while in the park.  Amboseli park’s temperatures are average and they are moderate throughout the year. In as much as the temperature are moderate throughout the year, we recommend you carry light jackets and a fleece for conducting the morning activities such as the game drives as well as the  evening or night for the activities. During the rainy season, one ought to carry a rain coat and a poncho to be able to counter the effect of rain while doing the activities. There is little or no rains during the dry season therefore the dry season is practically the best time of the year to visit Amboseli national park.  The dry seasons run from the months of July to October. The close of the month of June sees the rains subsiding and welcoming the dry season and the as the end of October nears, it flags off a few showers.

In the dry seasons, it  quit easy to locate the wildlife because the grasses are shot and scotched resulting from the dry spell, the dry season also sees the several water holes dry hence leaving  a few that attracts several wildlife from the different parts of the park to come to drink water in  the few of the remaining oases. The dry season  is also has less precipitation , therefore there  are  few insects such as mosquitoes that make ones stay complicated.  During the dry  season, the skyies are clear and blue and the days are simply awesome hence making it the best time to visit the park on a safari. During the dry season, the Masai Mara national reserve also hosts one f the biggest wildlife migration dubbed the annual wildebeest migration, because  of the wildebeest migration , several  travelers make their way there thus after the Masai  Mara experience they head to Amboseli  national park  to have the experience there too, hence causing a little price increment in the accommodation in what can only referred to as peak seasons.

Brief   rains kick off in November and December and  as January  and February kicks in , the short dry season prevails  until  April, May, June kicks in  with heavy rains. During this rainy months,  life springs back  bringing a whole new greenery and well as  fresh wildlife as the old ones give birth. There you will capture rewarding view of the little  white stripped zebra  , as well as the little Thompson gazelles trying to hide in the  tall grass to elude the predators. The greenery all brings several  migratory birds species that make their way from as far Europe to Amboseli national park. As  fresh wildlife as the old ones give birth. there you will capture rewarding view of the little  white stripped zebra  , as well as the little Thompson gazelles trying to hide in the  tall grass to elude the predators. the greenery all brings several  migratory birds species that make their way from as far Europe to Amboseli national park.

On the disadvantage note, the heavy downpours during the month of May to July render it challenging to navigate to the park as some roads become impassable. Needless to say.  The challenging roads during the rainy season can be overcome by flying to the park from Nairobi or from another park to amboseli national park.

By road there is good maintained routes from Nairobi leading to Amboseli national park, Amboseli national park is reached using five gates that is airstrip gate, kulunyiet gate, iremito gate, meshananai gate which situated in a drivable distances from Nairobi city. While on a drive from Nairobi city it is a drive of 2.5 hours to meshananai gate via Nairobi route, using kimana gate you use a 228 kilometers route which passes through a small town Emali to Mombasa main route leading to the eastern region of the park.

flying to amboseli national park

 You can opt to use to Amboseli national park is through Isinya, this route is 240 kilometers leads from magadi road in Nairobi, and this route later joins Nairobi-Arusha route passing through Namanga town. From Namanga town to meshananai gate it is a drive of 45 minutes – 1 hour but you may spend more due to heavy traffic on this route.

When using road transport to Amboseli national park you can use both private and public of means of transport, by public means there is numerous bus companies offering daily drives to Loitoktok town. From Loitoktok town you get either use a matatu or a cab for a drive of 51.3 kilometres of 1 hour to the park, using private vehicles to park is more comfortable with high level of privacy as you drive from the Nairobi to the park’s gates.

Note: when you are driving to Amboseli national park is important to use a 4×4 wheel car it is more reliable.

By air

Using air means of transport to get to Amboseli national park, there is numerous flight companies offering daily chartered flights from Nairobi’s jomo Kenyatta international airport to Amboseli airport. Companies offering domestic chartered flights to Amboseli national park include

 AirKenya flying from Nairobi

Safarilink flying from Nairobi and Tsavo west

Mombasa Air Safari flying from Mombasa, Masai mar, Malindi and Diani beach

When you are planning on using air means of transport to Amboseli it is important to book your flight earlier before the actual date of your safari to avoid delays and also have the right travel documents.

When travelling to Amboseli national park make sure you have valid travel documents which include a visa, passport, yellow fever vaccination permit and others required for your safari like enough money to pay for your activities

Located in Kenya, Amboseli National Park is the second most popular animal’s park in the country after masai mara national reserve. This place is easily accessible from the city of Nairobi by both road and air.


The Amboseli National Park is home to large herds of Elephants that can be easily seen walking around the park. They like to play along Lake Amboseli during dry seasons.

The Amboseli national park animal species that are found in the park are the lions, leopards, elephants, and buffaloes also termed as the African big five. The size of the animals and their habitats make the park ideal for game viewing.

The various habitats found in the park have created fertile grounds for the different animal species residing in the park. The water animals that live in the lake of Amboseli are only part of the park’s population. other habitats include the savannah grassland, woodland, swamp among others.

There are over 40 different species of antelopes in the Amboseli National Park. These animals are also known to migrate in large numbers. other wildlife in the park include wildbeests, zebras, foxes, giraffes, hyenas among others.

The savannah allows visitors to see animals without being hindered by the thick vegetation that covers the park. This is also beneficial for viewing birds as they can easily fly over the savannah.

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