Amboseli National Park Plants

Amboseli national park Plants

Amboseli national park Plants

Amboseli national park Plants :Over the years, the vegetation in  Amboseli park has changed. This is due to the global changes caused by humans.

Amboseli National Park is a famous national park in Kenya. It used to be known as the Maasai Amboseli Game Reserve. The park is situated along Kenya’s coast and is famous for its large herds of elephants.

Amboseli National Park, which is one of the smallest protected areas in the country, has a total land area of about 392 square kilometers. Out of the total area, 30% is covered by dominant woodlands.

The region is bordered by Tanzania and Kenya. Its famous Mount Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest free standing mountain.

The plants in Amboseli National Park are distributed among the five habitants of the park. Its name was derived from the local word that means salty dust.

amboseli national park plants

Among the habitats found in Amboseli are lakes, wetlands, open savannah grasslands, dried bed of Lake Amboseli and sulphur springs. The park is located in the dry wind-side of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The park is mainly dominated by short grasslands with dotted scrub. There are also various plant species in the park.

The various Amboseli plants are grouped according to the inhabitants of the park. Some of the open plain areas, the rocky thorn bush, the acacia woodlands, and the swamps have their own unique plant species.

The ACC is a non-profit organization that carries out the conservation and preservation of the various plant species found in the Amboseli national park. They have been instrumental in the identification of the various tree species found in the park.

The park receives two rainy seasons. The first season is longer and the second one starts in October to November.

The list of the plants in the park is lengthy and includes many different species of trees. This recognition by UNESCO is for the protection of these tree species.

The ambrella trees are found along the game drive tracks and in the camps. The other trees are mostly found around the lodges and parks.

The flora at the park provides the animals with shelter and food. This has helped the ecosystem to function properly. The plants have also diversified the tourist attractions at the park.

Amboseli national park plants are one of the main attractions that most of the learning tourists visit. The vast diversity of plants found in the park helps the large number of African Elephants that live in the park.

Apart from the various plant species found in the park, Amboseli also has various attractions such as birds, mammals, and observation hill.

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