Attractions in Amboseli national park

Attractions in amboseli national park

Attractions in amboseli national park : Amboseli national park the land of giants is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Kenya and East Africa found in found in kajiado county of Kenya, formerly known as Masai Amboseli game reserve the park is a great eco system covering an area of 392 square kilometers and stretching the border of Kenya and Tanzania.  Amboseli national park is governed by 3 bodies that is Kenya wildlife services, Olkejuado country council and the Masai community, this park was established in 1906 as a reserve and upgraded to a national park in 1906. According to ratings Amboseli national park is the second most popular national park in Kenya coming second to Maasai mara national reserve.

Wildlife in Amboseli National Park

Attractions in amboseli national park

Amboseli national park is a prominent home for wildlife, the park is more recognized for being a home to the largest population of elephants that is why it referred to as the home for elephants and it is the place to see them in Kenya in large numbers. Wildlife in Amboseli national park is concentrated in five specific areas/ habitants that is dried up bed of Lake Amboseli, Sulphur spring wetlands, savannah vegetation cover, open plains and woodlands, wildlife hosted in the park include giraffe, spotted hyena, zebra, buffalo, blue wildebeest, cheetah, elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, Thomson’s gazelle, impala, lion, cape buffalo and many more.

These numerous wildlife species offer spectacular game drive and the best time to enjoy the game drive and see animals in during dry season, dry season happens in the period of June to October. The most fascinating part of visiting the park in dry season for animal viewing is that when large herds of animals are crossing the sandy plains they kick up a lot of dust thus offering a great opportunity for photography. Animals in the park are perfectly viewed from the observation hill and at sinet delta.

Birds in Amboseli National park

Amboseli national park hosts a good population of birds estimated to be more than 420 species, the park habits three categories of birds that is water birds which thrive in the swampy region of the park, grassland birds living in savannah plains and forest birds living in acacia vegetation. Bird species in the Amboseli national park include African jacana, goliath heron, African swamp hen, Hartlaub’s bustard, rufous chatterer, common redshank, Dickinson’s kestrel, Eurasian thick-knee, greater flamingo, Hartlaub’s bustard, lesser flamingo, long-toed lapwing, Pangani longclaw, rufous chatterer, rufous-bellied heron, spike-heeled lark, steel-blue whydah, Taveta golden weaver, von der Decken’s hornbill, yellow-necked spurfowl and many more. Check out this cool list of birds to watch in Amboseli National Park

Lake Amboseli

Lake Amboseli is a temporary lake found in northwest region from the delta and occupying the largest portion of the park, Lake Amboseli is usually dry most especially in dry season but in wet season period the lake is filled up and at times floods. Lake Amboseli being dry is attributed more to Nyiri desert that stretches along southern border of Kenya to Tanzania, the lake is basin is a habitant to many animal species like elephants more so in dry season when it is dried up. Lake Amboseli is also used as a camping site by adventurous tourists who love camping while in Amboseli national park.

Great scenery featuring clear Views of mountain Kilimanjaro

Amboseli national park is one of the most scenic national park in Kenya, the park is clowned by Mount Kilimanjaro the highest peak in Africa. While in Amboseli national park you get to enjoy clear views of snowcapped Kilimanjaro peaks which offer the best photography opportunity because of the scenic view.   

Masai culture in Amboseli National Park

The out skirts of Amboseli national park are dominated by the fascinating Masai people, when in Amboseli national park visiting the Masai village is very much unavoidable as it offers the authentic African culture. In the Masai village you get to encounter Masai cultural traditions which include Masai dances, traditional song, and their unique way of addressing which is similar to the Karamojong of Uganda, local food dishes and also you can buy Masai artifacts. There is also an annual 7 day Masai gala organized in Loitoktok were most the culture, norms and traditional practices of the Masai people are showcased and masai annual Olympics which take place in kimana.

How to get to Amboseli national park

Amboseli national park is Avery accessible destination which can be reached by both air and road transport means. By road there are well kept routes leading to the park from various nearby centers, these routes include

  • Nairobi via Namanga of 240 kilometer on Nairobi- Arusha route leading to meshananai gate
  • Nairobi via Emali of 228 kilometers on Nairobi-Mombasa route
  • Particularly from Mombasa city you cross over through Tsavo west national park via kimana gate.

By air means transport Amboseli airstrip is used, Amboseli airstrip is situated at Empusel gate and it handles light aircrafts. Domestic flights to Amboseli national park start from either jomo Kenyatta airport situated 15 kilometers south east of Nairobi or Moi international airport situated 9 kilometers west of Mombasa to Amboseli airstrip. Flight companies such as Air Kenya, safarilink and Mombasa Air safari offer daily scheduled flights to the park.

Where to stay in Amboseli national park

In Amboseli national park accommodation is got from Kilimanjaro Guest House, Simba Cottages, Chui Cottages, Amboseli Campsite, Oltukai Lodge, Amboseli Serena Lodge, Tortilis Tented Lodge and many more. The accommodation options are available for you to choose from according to your presence but one thing they all share in common is that they offer a comfortable stay and a feeling of home away from home.

Weather conditions of Amboseli national park

Amboseli national park receives typically hot and dry climatic conditions which mostly dry seasons and short and heavy rainfall seasons, dry season in the park is received in the month period of June to July and August to September. Months of June and July are normally sunny with average temperatures of   25°C/77°F most especially in the afternoon, august and September months are typically hot than June and July receiving average temperatures of 26°C/79°F. It is hotter in September. Wet season in Amboseli national park is received October to May, this season features short rain in the beginning of the season and long rains in the months of march, April and many.

 Amboseli national park is a crown of Kenya’s tourism and a very interesting and adventure destination you should consider visiting.


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