Animals In Amboseli National Park

Animals in Amboseli national park

Animals in Amboseli National park

Amboseli national park animals are some of the best attractions in the park. The park is well known for its large herds of African Elephants. This has attracted more visitors to the park. Located in Kenya, Amboseli National Park is the second most popular animal’s park in the country after masai mara national reserve. This place is easily accessible from the city of Nairobi by both road and air.

Amboseli national park animals

The Amboseli National Park is home to large herds of Elephants that can be easily seen walking around the park. They like to play along Lake Amboseli during dry seasons. The Amboseli national park animal species that are found in the park are the lions, leopards, elephants, and buffaloes also termed as the African big five. The size of the animals and their habitats make the park ideal for game viewing.

The various habitats found in the park have created fertile grounds for the different animal species residing in the park. The water animals that live in the lake of Amboseli are only part of the park’s population. other habitats include the savannah grassland, woodland, swamp among others. There are over 40 different species of antelopes in the Amboseli National Park. These animals are also known to migrate in large numbers. other wildlife in the park include wildbeests, zebras, foxes, giraffes, hyenas among others.

The savannah allows visitors to see animals without being hindered by the thick vegetation that covers the park. This is also beneficial for viewing birds as they can easily fly over the savannah.

The management of Amboseli National Park has issued clear rules that all visitors have to follow when they are in the park. This has helped conserve the park’s wildlife and made it a well-visited place.

the rules include the following

  • No overspending while at the park
  • No off tracking during the game drive
  • No litter at the park especially during game drives
  • No feeding of the wildlife
  • No shouting or hooting at the park during game drives

Activities to see Amboseli national park animals

There are various activities that are available at Amboseli Park that will allow guests to enjoy a great time while they’re at the park.

Game drive

The animals can be seen during any of our game drives. The morning game drive is the most rewarding one as it gives you the opportunity to see more animals.

Walking safaris

Amboseli National Park is one of the few places in Kenya where guests can explore by using their feet. There are numerous walking safaris that can be done in the park.

Baloon safaris

You can also join the many individuals who enjoy the freedom to explore the park by taking part in the Balloon Safaris. These tours are operated by private operators and it gives you an aerial view of the park

Boat cruise.

During the dry season, the animals go to the lake to quench their thirst. The big game is also found at the lake’s shores.

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