Amboseli Balloon Safaris

Amboseli Balloon Safaris

Amboseli Balloon Safaris

Amboseli Balloon Safaris: If you want to find the best place to enjoy your time while floating in air, Amboseli is the best place to go. It offers you an amazing experience you will never forget while viewing the whole Amboseli national park under your feet as well as enjoying the cool breeze while floating in space.

It offers you an incredible aerial view of the whole park including the notable Mount Kilimanjaro the world’s highest mountain. Before the sun is set to shine, the balloon is set to travel its way in the skies of Amboseli and Mount Kilimanjaro. From here, you get to experience the beauty the natural landscape and the park while floating in the balloon from the large-herds of Elephants moving across the field to their feeding areas, the zebras, antelopes and Giraffes, you may also be fortunate to see the Lions or Leopards hunting their prey and as well get to see the long lived most popular tribe and community of people in Kenya “The Maasai” who are believed to be the natives of the land.

Not only do you get to see the maasai community and animals moving across the park, but you also get to see other attractions surrounding the park like the widely known Mount Kilimanjaro, lake Amboseli, the observation hill (Noomotio Hill) from the higher level, the clear skies, the streams, and also have a look into the neighboring national parks like the Masai Mara national park. It gives you a relaxation as you float through the air.

The balloon experience gives you moments to cherish in life as you are allowed to take photos of the fun memorable experience. The balloon experience also gives you an opportunity to experience the most beautiful morning in the wild at sunrise. It’s a totally changed perspective of viewing the wildlife. It always starts in the morning before sunrise and usually lasts for a one hour and a maximum level of around 1000 feet depending on the pilot’s plan.

Balloon safaris trips arrangement.

Before you set off for this experience, there’s an arrangement and itenary followed to conduct this particular activity as advised by the pilots.

  • Wakeup call at 0530hrs.
  • Tea/coffee is served at your camp or lodge before the drive to the launch site.
  • Briefing by the pilot at 0600hrs before you get on board for this amazing experience and this is done when the balloons are being prepared to launch in the sky.
  • Lift off is at 0615hrs and this lasts approximately 1hr.
  • As dawn breaks, your balloon flight is ready to takeoff.
  • On return, the flight is concluded with a champagne Bush breakfast.
  • At 0930hrs, enjoying a game drive route as you return to the camps/lodges.
  • Note: The pilots are so cautious about the takeoff time and return time as there’s a possibility for you to miss out on this experience in case of delay.

The balloon safaris trips are one of the best experiences to enjoy while in Amboseli national park because you get to see more than you expected and a clarity of all things in the park and the attractions neighboring. From the Birds, Animals, lakes among so many other things.



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