How To Get To Meru National Park

How to get to Meru national park

How to get to Meru National park

How to get to Meru national park : Meru National Park is easily accessible by air or road. Both modes of transport are very convenient and can get you to the park’s entrance or gate.

Visitors wanting to visit Meru national park can either take a taxi to the park or go to the airport.

There are two routes to access Meru National Park from here. The first is through the Murera Gate, while the second one is through Ura Gate.

It is our recommendation that clients always send in their documents in advance before they arrive at the safari destination. This will help the tour operator verify their nationality and make the reservations process easier.

How to get to Meru national park

Meru road transport routes are very attractive and rewarding. These routes take you through various parts of the country and are very scenic.

Matatu shuttles and buses are available for hire from various places in Nairobi.

Drive to Meru National park and turn off at Maili Tatu market. After reaching the park, you can see the sign post for Ikweta Safari Camp.

  • From Nairobi via Embu to Ura Gate –Meru national park cover a driving distance of 312 kilometers.
  • From Nairobi Capital city of Kenya passing via Nyeri to access park’s gate Murera it takes 295 kilometers by drive.
  • From Nairobi via Nanyuki town to access Meru national park covers a distance of 331 kilometers.
  • Using Makutano highway to access Meru national park takes only a driving distance of 70 kilometers.

Getting to mount meru by Air

Air Kenya provides domestic and charter flights to and from Wilson Airport.

All the domestic airlines that fly to Meru include Kenya Airways, Kenya Safari link, and Mombasa Air. They can accommodate passengers with varying leg room requirements.

Meru National Park is a great place to visit for wildlife lovers. It is located about 335 kilometers north of Nairobi and 6 kilometers east of Meru town.

Meru national park can be accessed by air or road transport. All you need to do is send in your passport and visa in time to verify your identity.

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