Malindi Marine National Park

 Malindi Marine National Park

 Malindi Marine National Park

 Malindi Marine National Park : Located on Kenya’s Indian Ocean coastline, the Malindi Marine National Park is home to various marine life resources such as coral gardens, mudflats, and reefs. This place is the ideal getaway for those wanting to experience the ultimate beach getaway.

Malindi  national park is situated on the East Coast of Kenya. This is a haven of many fascinating marine life, including dolphins, sharks, and whalers.

The climate in the park varies depending on the season and the season. It generally gets short rains in October to November and long rains in April to July.

malindi marine national park

This place is known for its variety of fish, some of which include Sarlin, Wahoo, and sailfish. There are also various species of birds that can be found here.

The Malindi marine national park is characterized by its fine white beaches, Emerald water, and Colorful fish. There are also various recreational activities in the park such as fishing, swimming, and snorkeling.

There are various fishes, coral reefs, and sea turtles to see in this marine park.

These experiences are truly memorable. They can be enjoyed by everyone.

Activities in done in Malindi marine National park

The national park has got many activities that many traveler can engage in , some of the most common activities include birding,  wind surfing, water skiing , sun bathing  snorkeling ,glass bottom boat rides among others.

malindi marine national park


Is a type of active recreational activity that involves taking a boat and swimming in the ocean with the famous Malindi species?

Water sports

For many that visit Malindi marine national park, they also ought to take part in the water sports with some of the most popular ones being jet skiing, banana boat rides among others.

You will have the opportunity to see dolphins, octopus, and other sea creatures during your visit to the marine park.

For those who are looking for a place to stay in Malindi  national park, there are numerous hotels and resorts nearby.

Most travelers reach Malindi by plane from Mombasa. However, it is possible to reach the North Coast by car or hire a vehicle.

You can still get around the North coast using buses and matatus. Private taxis can also take you to the beaches from Mombasa.

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