Conservancies In Amboseli National Park

Conservancies in Amboseli national park

Conservancies in Amboseli national park - Selenkay conservancy

Amboseli national park is an incredible tourist destination situated in Kajiado county of Kenya along the border of Kenya and Tanzania, Amboseli national park is a perfect locating for spotting a big population of elephants which are seen in the plains of the park, the park covers an area of 39,206 hectares with a back drop of mountain Kilimanjaro.  Amboseli national park shares its boundaries with selenkay conservancy which is a prominent home for wildlife

Selenkay conservancy is a great wildlife area situated 16 kilometers north of the northern boundary of Amboseli national park, this conservancy shares a similar eco-system with Amboseli national park covering an areas of 15000 acres of land. Selenkay conservancy is known as one of the pioneers of community conservation in the great Kenya, as a way promoting, encouraging and conserving of the wildlife and nature the Gamewatchers Safari limited established Selenkay conservancy on a piece of land leased from the local masai people who owned it. Though the major purpose of establishing Selenkay conservancy is to protect and encourage conservation of wildlife, it also aims at creating a way for the local community which occupied by mostly the Masai to earn a living as an alternative to farming.

Previously before the gazetting of Selenkay conservancy animals used to migratory from Amboseli national park to the lands occupied by the masai local communities, these animals ended up being killed by the masai in fear of the causing danger to them and destroying their farming lands. With the creation of Selenkay conservancy migratory animals are witnessed making use of Selenkay conservancy as their new home after migrating from the Amboseli national park, recently a rise in the population of animals in Selenkay conservancy has increased most especially elephants.

For the purpose of tourism majorly to facilitate game drives in Selenkay conservancy, roads have been established in the heart of former Masai land currently occupied by Selenkay conservancy and one camp has been established to offer accommodation to tourists visiting the reserve. Camp established in Selenkay conservancy and open for guests is set up by Gamewatchers safaris in the names pf Porini Amboseli camp and it is part of the Porini group of camps. Porini Amboseli camp is situated in the remote location of Selenkay conservancy a location with less tracks meaning less vehicles meaning animals witness few vehicles thus promoting a natural habitat for them.

Porini Amboseli camp runs most of the activities in Selenkay conservancy and while on a safari in this destination game rangers, trackers and camp stuff are got from the camp.

Wildlife in Selenkay Conservancy

Selenkay Conservancy animals


Selenkay Conservancy is a habitant to many fascinating wildlife species which are easy to view while in the reserve, like Amboseli national park Selenkay Conservancy consists of a reasonable population of elephants which are seen in a big numbers. Other animals in Selenkay Conservancy include Thomson and grant’s gazelles, lions, cheetahs, bat eared fox, mongooses, porcupine, giraffe, yellow baboon, zebra, stripped and spotted hyena, porcupines, jackals, civets, servals and many more.


Selenkay conservancy is a great home for numerous bird species such as Blue-cheeked bee-eater, Martial eagle, lesser flamingo, Grey crowned crane and many more.

Tourism activities offered in selenkay conservancy

Selenkay conservancy is un-spoilt wilderness offering authentic African safari activities, these activities are entertaining and you are sure to get a wonderful experience. They include

Game drive

Game drives in Selenkay conservancy take place in the beautiful wilderness of the conservancy while on a drive using neatly established routes, while on these routes you get clears views of animals wandering in the flat plains dominating Selenkay conservancy. These animals include lions, cheetahs and leopards, bat eared fox, mongooses, porcupine, giraffe, Thomson and Grant’s gazelles, lesser kudu, gerenuk and yellow baboon and many. Game drives in selenkay conservancy are offered in three sessions that is day, evening and night game drives, these games drives are led by a professional Masai guide got from Porini Amboseli camp.


Guided nature walks

One of the best way of enjoy the beauty of Selenkay conservancy is guided nature walks which are led by a well informed and experienced Masai guide,  guided nature walks offers you beautiful experience you view many animals and beautiful nature of the park.

Community visit 

There is Masai communities living on the borders of Amboseli national park and selenkay conservancy, after a game drive or nature walk in selenkay conservancy you can chose to participate in cultural community visit in the Masai community. On a visit in Masai community you get to enjoy the beautiful culture of the Masai people which include cultural dances, traditional songs, and local unique dressing code and learn more about the Masai people by interacting with them.

Other activity in selenkay conservancy is sundowners

Your Kenya sustainable safari in Selenkay Conservancy

During your safari in  Selenkay Conservancy. We recommend staying at the  Selenkay Adventure Camp known for its affordable accomodation experinece but keeping it authentic  hospitable.

Selenkay Adventure Camp Creates  a real African bush experience. The camp has its sustainable initiatives  to help the local masai population.

Visitors at of Selenkay camp interact with with local Maasai warriors some of which are camp staff. Since Selenkay conservancy is private, masai guides are free to take you to less touristy and hidden spots to enjoy the unique wildlife experience that call Selenkay home.

Where to stay in selenkay conservancy

As you go for a safari in Selenkay conservancy accommodation is got from numerous accommodation lodges and camps which intend to offer comfortable stay to you, accommodation facilities include Porini Amboseli camp, Gamewatchers adventure camp, Amboseli eco-camp, Penuel plaza hotel,  kimana Amboseli camp, masai Simba camp, Satao Elerai camp and many more.

How to get to Selenkay conservancy  

Selenkay conservancy is located 175 kilometers from Nairobi city by road a drive of 4-5 hours, as a tourist on a safari you can get to Selenkay Conservancy using both road and air means. By road you use Nairobi-Mombasa through Emali route, by air there domestic chartered flights from jomo Kenyatta international airport to Selenkay airstrip.

Selenkay Conservancy-map-amboseli-national-park

When is the Best Time Selenkay Conservancy

If you’re looking to explore the wonders of Selenkay Conservancy within a limited timeframe, the dry season from June to October is generally regarded as the ideal time to visit. During this period, waterholes serve as excellent vantage points for observation, and with the grass being low, spotting majestic creatures like lions or cheetahs becomes much easier.

However, it’s important to note that the dry season in Selenkay Conservancy coincides with the peak tourism season. Although Selenkay Conservancy may not be as popular as Masai Mara, it’s still advisable to book your accommodation well in advance, as availability can be limited.

On the other hand, the wet season offers an entirely different experience. The landscapes of Selenkay Conservancy transform into lush, green vistas, and while spotting big cats may become more challenging, you’ll still have the opportunity to witness herds of elephants roaming the area.

During this time, prices tend to be lower, and availability increases. You may find that accommodation and tour costs are reduced by around 30-40%, allowing for a more budget-friendly adventure in Selenkay Conservancy.

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