African Heritage House Nairobi

African Heritage House Nairobi

African Heritage House Nairobi

The African Heritage House Nairobi is a safari lodge that showcases the beauty of the art and architecture of the African culture. Designed by Alan Donovan, the safari lodge offers an in-depth to the artistic nature that is the African culture. The African Heritage House Nairobi was built using an exclusive blend of traditional mud construction style.  The lodge is furnished with rich African artifacts giving you the ultimate African safari experience. On arrival, the custodian gives a personal tour of the lodge and the surrounding nature of Nairobi national park.

The African Heritage House Nairobi is decorated to highlight the traditional eccentricity of the African culture. The vast collection of tribal costumes, native art and crafts and original sculptures set the lodge apart from the rest.

African Heritage House Nairobi

African Heritage House Nairobi Accommodation:


Lamu Suite

The Lamu suite is a 19th century Swahili suite. It’s classically designed with a double bed, traditional décor and well furnished with ornaments from the Swahili culture. With a garden in the bathroom, the Lamu suite has a sunken tub and a shower. The suite has a private verandah where you can enjoy your meals and enjoy the spectacular views of Nairobi national park.

Moroccan Suite

The Moroccan suite is a blend of Swahili double bed and Moroccan art. The carved painted doors showcase the Moroccan culture. The suite offers a separate bathroom with a shower is secluded, private verandah for game viewing and a spacious garden setting.

Bakuba Suite

This suite features a blend of Swahili and Kuba tapestries and textiles from the Democratic republic of Congo. Book shelves provide amazing African magazines and books. The suite has a separate toilet and showers and offers amazing views of Nairobi national park.

African Heritage House Nairobi

Roof Room

The roof room is one of the most sought after rooms at African Heritage House Nairobi. The room has four single beds and is suitable for families and groups. All beds are furnished with mosquito nets. The room is furnished with African textiles, cushions, hand woven mats and has hand painted walls and ceilings. The suite has a separate shower and toilet with stunning views of Nairobi national park. A look out lounge offers amazing views of the wildlife in the Nairobi national park.

Guests have access to the library and African reading material that is found throughout the house.

On your stay at the African Heritage House Nairobi , you will have chance to see plenty of wildlife such as elephants, zebra, impala and giraffes as you relax on the lounge of the lodge. On occasion, ostriches can be seen running across the savanna plains.  

Freshly prepared meals are served in the dining area or by the pool side. Enjoy the sun set over the African plains with a cocktail prepared by the ever attentive staff. Relax and enjoy a good swim in the amazing pool. There’s an opportunity to purchase some authentic art crafts from the gift shop.



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