Location And Size Of Nairobi National Park

location and size of Nairobi National park

location and size of Nairobi National park

location and size of Nairobi National park: Being one of the most unique, oldest and smallest parks worldwide, one could wonder how to get to this appealing attraction moreover found on the Nairobi city suburb. Nairobi national park is the nearest attraction in Kenya that a tourist who has come for a tour or business in the business capital of Kenya (Nairobi) can easily access within an hour if not minutes because it’s just seven kilometers south of Kenya’s capital. It is borders Ngong forest in the south where its main gate is situated (langata gate) and the headquarters of Kenya wildlife services are located, athi river and mbagathi border this precious attraction in the south and in the east is also where langata road  is found making the park more accessible by road transport.

For one to get to Kenya they can use its official airlines (Kenya airways) that will land at Kenyatta international airport which is 17.6km and that is a 21min drive south of Nairobi to this attraction and Wilson airports.

The park covers an average area of 117.21 square kilometers that is approximately 45.26 square miles which is small as compared to other national parks around Africa. The park also lies on a transition zone between two Africa’s eco-systems and those are the savannahs whereby its altitude ranges between 1533 and 1760m. And it is surrounded by an electric fence which separates it from the city runs and Kenyans are proud of this park because it’s the only park in Kenya that has a city scape in its background seen over the open flat plains of the park.

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