Mount Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot National Park presents a spectacular view from its crater. The forest floor slopes toward the valley floor. the park is located in the South east part of lake Naivasha in Kenya.

The ecosystem of the park is composed of mountain ranges that rise to an altitude of 2,77 meters. On other parts, the vegetation is mostly absent.

Mount Kenya is home to various wildlife species. Some of these include zebras, giraffes, and elands, lions, leopards to mention but a few.

Named after the mountain’s name, Longonot National Park, it is located in western Kenya. The park has a total area of 52 square kilometers ,the entire park is under the management Kenya wildlife service.

mount longonot National park

things to see in mount longonot national park.

the very extinct volcano and crater forest presents one of the major features to be looked at while in the park.

The scenery of the park.

The views from the volcano’s rim are truly rewarding. From there, you can see the southern Rift Valley and the Aberdare Mountains in a distance. There are also some spectacular places to visit in Mount Kenya. While there you can also view lake Naivasha all the way to hell’s gate national park. All the above listed places can be visited after your trip to mount longonot since they are in same proximity.

the rims of the crater of mount longonot.

From the crater rim, you can see the steam coming from vents and fissures, which are located below the surface. This resource is known as energy.


There are numerous wildlife species to see in the park including zebras, buffalos, leopards, and antelopes among others. Aside from these, you can also spot birds of prey such as raptores.

mount longonot national park

Things to do in Longonot national park


Mount Longonot is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Kenya. This trek can be done in just over 2 hours depending on your fitness level.

Mount Longonot.

The easiest way to get to the rim is by walking along its perimeter, which spans about 7 kilometers. There are numerous views to be had along this route.

Heroic hikers who want to visit the caldera will require a park ranger and a guide to enter the area. It is also possible to set up a campsite inside the crater.

viewing wildlife in the park

Although the park doesn’t have many wildlife species, it still provides opportunities for birdwatchers and nature lovers to see fascinating animals such as the Verreaux’s Eagle and the Lammergeier.

How to get to Mount Longonot National park.

Mount longonot can be accessed from Nairobi by road, it covers a driving distance of approximately 60km.

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