Nairobi National Park Hotels,lodge And Accommodation

Nairobi National park hotels,lodge and accommodation


Nairobi National park hotels,lodge and accommodation:  Nairobi national park is the most unique attraction on the globe being located in the city and its mystery is people stay in perfect peace and harmony both in their natural environment uninterrupted and this is separated from the rest of the town by an electric fence that prevents wildlife and human from encroaching each other and this makes this park the most guarded attraction in Kenya because it’s also a habitat to the endangered black rhinos. Now, one may be wondering where and how to be accommodated while at the park, this is how it is.

Ole Sereni hotel

The park has a variety of accommodations ranging from hotels, lodges, cottages and three camping sites that include Nairobi tented camp the only lodging situated in the park with only eight guest tents while here guests enjoy flavorsome meals locally prepared. The hotels that are in the park are rated from 3 star, 4 star and 5 star but this doesn’t matter because sometimes accommodation is considered by a higher degree of insight provided by the accommodation facility through reflecting on the eminence of quality provided service that is food and beverages, location and guides, exclusivity size of lodging, room services provided and their number and other incentive like security, parking, entertainment and handling laundry for clients that are spending two and more nights. Stay in the Nairobi national park is a game tour of an unforgettable experience no one can afford missing while in Kenya. If you prefer to spend a night on the wonderful unfenced southern border of the park here the best is the Emakoko family owned and operated lodging with only 10 rooms and established on about 15 acres of land. In addition to that on the on the outside of the northern fence zone of the park are the Ole Sereni hotel with 134 rooms and modern amenity suites that are determined to create a memorable stay of the tourists it also has LCD screens and internet.

African heritage hotel is also found at this location having well stocked galleries rick in showcasing the journey of the African culture and a variety of handcrafts fully furnished.  These deliver a memorable experience that enhances client satisfaction at the park.

Ole Sereni hotel

Apart from these there is Eka hotel Nairobi with a lodging of 170 suites and rooms and one can also go in for panari hotel of 136 suites and rooms that is famous for its older way of establishment and also one can opt for sky-rise hotel that is popularly known for its ice skating games, gym and spa. Any of these can deliver excellent accommodation facilities to tourists that are in need of spending a night at the mysterious Nairobi national park “kifaru ark

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