Park Entry Fees  For Amboseli National Park

Park entry fees for Amboseli National park

Park entry fees for Amboseli National park

Park entry fees for Amboseli National park: Amboseli national park is famous national park in Kenya and one of the most visited park deriving its name from a local Masai name Amboseli meaning salty dust, Amboseli national park is situated in kajiado country of Kenya and covering an area of 151 square kilometers.

Amboseli national park is under the operation and administration of a joint body of authority which consists of three bodies that is Kenya Wildlife Service, Olkejuado County Council and the Maasai community. These bodies are responsible for drafting park fees o be impossible on individuals, vehicles and aircrafts entering Amboseli national park either for a safari, trade or study purposes and research. Which stipulating these prices, the governing bodies Kenya Wildlife Service, Olkejuado County Council and the Maasai community made sure the prices are affordable to allow tourists to enjoy the beauty of Amboseli national park at a friendly price.

Which drafting these prices many factors where based on including the status of the visitor that is foreign non-residents- these are visitors living outside of Kenya and the east African community, foreign residents- these are visitors/ tourists living and working in either Kenya or any east African community with a valid working permit and residents these are tourists staying Kenya and east African community countries. Visitors/ tourists from East African countries that is Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, south Sudan and Kenya, visitors who are not citizens of Kenya they should possess a valid identification card from their respective countries.    

Park fees for Amboseli national park are as the following

Park entry fees

These fees allows you entrance into Amboseli national park, the fees are charged according to a tourist’s status and maturity status.

Status  Fees
East African citizens Children/students 200 /= Ksh
Adults 500/= Ksh
Residents Children/students 500/= Ksh
Adults 1000/= Ksh
Foreign non-residents  



High season Normal season
75 US$ 60 US$
Children 40 US4 30 US$

NOTE: park entry fees for foreign non- residents depend on the season that is high and normal season.

Annual park entry fee

In Amboseli national park tourists can pay park entry fee annually, they are charged according to status of the visitor/tourist.

Status Fees in Ksh
Adult 43,100
child 10,340
Corporate/organisation 103,440
Safari driver 6,000

Activity fees

To take part in activities offered in Amboseli national park you are charged a fee and they include

Activity and its hours Fees in Ksh
Night game drive (per trip per person 2,155
Horse riding (excluding rider)  2,585
Cycling (per day)                215
Private horses (per day) 1,030
Walking safaris (per day) 1,500

Fees for other activities

Amboseli national park offers other special activities such as

Activity Fees
Security/ guided (per guide for 4 hours)                                 1,720
Event security per section of rangers 75,000
Vehicle recovery inside the park 7,500

Vehicle and aircraft fees

Vehicle and aircraft fees are charged to vehicles which enter Amboseli national park and aircrafts which land in area of the park, these prices were drafted according to the type of the car and the number of passengers it carries into the park and they are as follows

Vehicle types Carry capacity/ weight Fees
Tourist vehicles 6 seats 300/= Ksh
6-12 seats 1030/= Ksh
13-24 seats 2,585/= Ksh
25- 44 seats 4,050/= Ksh
45 and more seats 5,000/= Ksh
Trunk and delivery vehicles  

1-3 tonnes


515/= Ksh

4-7 tonnes 2,155/= Ksh
7 tonnes 3,015/= Ksh
Stationed vehicles in Amboseli PSV’s 6 and less seats and commercial vehicle 10,000 Ksh
PSV’s 6 and less seats and commercial vehicle 10,000 Ksh
PSV’s 6 and less seats and commercial vehicle (not stationed in Amboseli)



60,000/= Ksh

PSV’s more than 13 seats and commercial vehicle 100,000/= Ksh


Less than 3 seats  300/= Ksh
3-6 seats 500/= Ksh
7-14 seats 1000/= Ksh
21 seats and above                                         3,025/= Ksh

Vehicle recovery in Amboseli national park costs 7,500 Ksh


Amboseli national park has a camping site which offers camping for tourists in the park, camps are offered as special and public campsites.

Type of camp Citizens


Residents Non-residents
Adults Children/ student Adults Children/


Adult Children/


Special campsite 500 250 600 350 50 25
Public campsite 200 200 600 300 30 25

 In these camping sites there are extra fees charged from a tourist aiming and sleeping in this site.

Non-refundable reservation fees    7,500 Ksh

Non-refundable cancellation fees    7,500 Ksh

Note: these prices are charged to on a daily basis per entry into Amboseli national park and in the park following modes of payment is accepted

  • Cash
  • Mpesa
  • Visa Card
  • Direct deposits to KWS bank accounts and
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Amboseli national park offers many tourist activities you can get to enjoy as a tourist and they include 

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