New Changes In Nairobi National Park

New Changes in Nairobi National park

New changes in Nairobi national park

New changes in Nairobi national park-In Nairobi national park, you will soon be able to enjoy luxurious services inside Nairobi national park. Right inside the park, you will be able to enjoy a glass of wine as you relax at the eco-lodge in the park.

Nairobi national park hasn’t had a management plan since the last one expired in 2010. This new proposed master plan seeks to enhance guest experiences, ecological integrity, community development and improve the relations between wildlife and humans. In this master plan, the Kenya Wildlife Services proposes to erect photography and viewing platforms, running and cycling tracks, more recreational sites, upgrading of nature tracks and special event sites. Improvement of roads in Nairobi national park, an eating spot and round-about around Jomo Kenyatta airport, Nyayo and Lang’ata are other proposed changes.

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Proposed Eco-Lodge

The New changes entail the development of a high end Eco-lodge inside the park. The lodge will provide new adventure activities that will offer alternative activities to the traditional safari activities like nature walks and game viewing. The high end restaurant (Orpul place) will offer refreshments to the visitors of Nairobi national park.

The Kenya Wildlife Services says that the Eco-lodge will offer a new exciting adventure and will be a highlight to the park, the only national park 10km from the city center. A conference hall and a gym will be among the facilities at the new lodge. An amphitheater, ivory tower, museum and restrooms are part of the new changes in Nairobi national park.

Is everyone happy with the New changes in Nairobi national park?

While the authorities justified the proposed changes, citing lack of recreational facilities and poor infrastructure, many are not thrilled about the changes. Nature lovers and conservationists say that the new master plan will destroy the beauty of Nairobi national park. Friends of Nairobi national park (FoNNaP) has no objection to most of the objectives of the new master plan but warns against the special-use zones. They called for public scrutiny n.

new changes in amboseli national park

Nairobi national park is home to over 100 mammal species and a dozen reptiles. These include leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, gazelles, giraffes, hippos and crocodiles. The Mbagathi River and dam offer sanctuary to the semi-aquatic wildlife in the park. The authorities claim that the changes in Nairobi national park will result into more visitations as a result from the new facilities, incentives, conferences and the new scenic sites. More to that, job creation, partnerships and efficient revenue collection will be attained with the new changes.

KWS cities the weakness of the park to poor infrastructure, lack of recreational activities, few guests and slow ticketing services. The new master plan seeks to minimize human-wildlife conflict, invasive species isolation of the park and national infrastructure.

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