Tsavo National Park Camping

Tsavo National park camping

Tsavo National park Camping

Tsavo National park camping: Tsavo national park is one of the best places to visit in Kenya. It is divided into two parks namely Tsavo East and Tsavo West. The combined protected area of these parks is approximately 22, 000 square kilometers.

When travelers first heard about camping safaris, they thought that these are for budget guests. However, these are not for budget guests and are very clean.

camping safaris in tsavo national park

Safari tents are ideal for guests wanting to watch the animals play in the park. They are located in areas with good animal viewing areas. Guests can also enjoy the sounds of the animals as they wake up.

There are a number of public campsites in Tsavo National parks. Book your space through Kenya Wildlife Services or the park headquarters.

Enjoy the spectacular Mazima Springs where 50 million gallons of clear crystal water flows from the underground of the volcanic rock.

You can camp in the wilderness or in the tents under the canvas. The night sky is filled with stars as you count the stars.

The advantage of camping in Tsavo is that it is done by the driver. He or she can guide the guests to their tents and game drives.

There are two kinds of camping in the park: the public camping and the privately operated camping. The public camping has good facilities and is shared with other campers.

Private campsites are well organized and are usually well-equipped with all the necessary equipment and supplies. These campsites are also well-equipped with all the necessary food and accommodation facilities.

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