Park Entry Fees To Amboseli National Park

Park entry fees to Amboseli national park

Park entry fees to Amboseli national park

Park entry fees to Amboseli national park : Amboseli national park is a spectacular destination for tourism formerly known as Maasai Amboseli game reserve situated in Kajiado County, Amboseli national park is stretches over to the border of Kenya and Tanzania covers an area of 392 square kilometers. The park has many attractions such as wildlife offers many breathtaking activities to tourists for example animals such as African elephant, buffalo, giraffe, impala, lion, cheetah, hyena, giraffes, zebra, wildebeest and many more. Birds such as African swamp hen, Common redshank, Dickinson’s kestrel, Eurasian thick-knee, Greater flamingo, Hartlaub’s bustard, Lesser flamingo, Long-toed lapwing, Pangani longclaw, Rufous chatterer, Rufous-bellied heron, Spike-heeled lark, Steel-blue whydah, Taveta golden weaver, Von der Decken’s hornbill, Yellow-necked spurfowl and many more.

Amboseli national park offers many breathtaking activities such as wildlife viewing, cultural visits, bird watching, nature photography and many more. The park has a back drop of mountain Kilimanjaro which offers a scenic view in the park 

Activities in Amboseli national park are offered are price and they include


For a tourist to get into Amboseli national park for a safari they pay a price which is stipulated according to categories that is East African citizen for Kenyan, Ugandan and Rwandese citizens, residents for foreign residents living in Kenya and nonresidents that is foreigners who do not live or work Kenya.

East African citizens (in Kenyan shillings)

Adults: 500/=

Children/Students: 200/= 

Residents (in Kenyan shillings)

Adults: 1000 Ksh

Children/ students: 500 Ksh

Non-residents (in US dollars)

Tariffs for non-resident tourists are charged according to high season (HS) and normal season (NS) 

Normal season

Adults: 60 US$

Children/ Students: 30 US$

High season

 Adults: 75 US$

Children: 40US$

Vehicle and aircraft fees

Vehicle and aircraft tariffs are charged per day basing on the type and carrying capacity of the vehicle.

Less than                                                             price in Ksh

                6 seats                                                  300

                6-12 seats                                           1030

                13-24 seats                                         2,585

                25-44 seats                                         4,050

                45 seats and above                          5,000

Trunks and delivery vehicles tariffs

                The tariff are charged according to the weight of the trunk

                Tonnes                                                 Ksh

                1-3 tonnes                                          515

                4-7 tonnes                                          2,155

                7 tonnes                                              3,015

Vehicles stationed in the park

The tariffs are for parks stationed in the park and are charged basing on seats and weight of the vehicle and they are paid on annual basis.

Tonnes and seats                                                                                             tariffs (in KSHS)

PSV’s 6 and less seats and commercial vehicle                                   10,000

PSV’s seats 6-12 seats and commercial vehicle                                   10,000

PSV’s seats 6-13 and commercial vehicle

(Not stationed in the park)                                                                      60,000

PSV’s more than 13 seats and commercial vehicle                             100,000

Aircraft tariffs

These tariffs are charged to all aircrafts landing in Amboseli national park and they are paid for every single landing, these tariffs are charged according to the number of seats of the aircraft.

Seats                                                                                                     KSHS                                     

Less than 3 seats                                                                              300

3-6 seats                                                                                              500

7-14 seats                                                                                           1,000

21 seats and above                                                                         3,025

Annual entry tariffs

These tariffs are paid on an annual basis and offer you entrance to the park throughout the year      

                                                                                                                                In KSHS

Adult annual tariffs                                                                         43,100

Child annual tariffs                                                                         10,340

Corporate annual tariffs                                                                103,440

Tour driver personalized annual tariff                                        6,000

Special activities tariffs

                Activity                                                                                                 KSHS

                Night game drive (per trip per person)                                                    2,155

                Security/ guided (per guide for 4 hours)                                                 1,720

                Horse riding (excluding rider)                                                                   2,585

Private horses (per day)                                                                                               1,030

                Walking safaris (per day)                                                                            1,500

                Cycling (per day)                                                                                           215


RESIDENTS (KSHS)           


                                adults    children                adults    children                Adults   Children

Camping              Special campsites

                500         250         600        350         50           25

                Public campsites                250        200         600         300         30           25

 Other fees paid in Amboseli national park 

Reservation fees (non-refundable)                           7,500

Cancellation fees (non0refundable)                         7,500

Vehicle recovery inside the park                                75,000

Event security per section of rangers                       7,500

Points to note

Daily fee: is a single entry tariff valid for only 24 hours

Student: individuals from recognized secondary, government and private College University aged 23 years old visiting Amboseli national park for the purposes of learning and research about conservation through arranged holidays, to visit Amboseli national park as a student you require to give a 2 weeks prior notice of 2 weeks in order to issue a written authorization for student rates.

Residents: means Kenya citizens and East African residents with valid national ID from Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi citizens with valid passports.

Mode of payment: the following modes of payment are acceptable at the gates of Amboseli national park

  • Mpesa
  • Visa Card
  • Direct deposits to KWS bank accounts
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Requirements to visit Amboseli national park

As a tourist to successfully and legal stay in Kenya and Amboseli national park these are the requirements you should fulfill.

  • Valid passport with blank pages
  • Tourist visa
  • Valid Yellow fever vaccination card
  • Currency restriction is 100,000 Kenyan shillings

NOTE: the following modes of payment are accepted at any gate of Amboseli national park that is MPESA, VISA Card, and Direct Deposits to KWS Bank Accounts. These prices are charged per day and are drafted by Kenya wildlife service

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